The Two Towers

Av J. R. R. Tolkien

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Sjangere: Fantasy
  • Slippdato: 17. okt. 2005
  • Tilgjengelighet: Tilgjengelig
  • Forlag: HarperCollins Publishers


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The Two Towers
The Two Towers

Classic hardback edition of the second volume of The Lord of the Rings, featuring Tolkien's original unused dust-jacket design. Includes special packaging and the definitive edition of the text, with fold-out map.

Frodo and the Companions of the Ring have been beset by danger during their quest to prevent the Ruling Ring from falling into the hands of the Dark Lord by destroying it in the Cracks of Doom. They have lost the wizard, Gandalf, in the battle with an evil spirit in the Mines of Moria; and at the Falls of Rauros, Boromir, seduced by the power of the Ring, tried to seize it by force. While Frodo and Sam made their escape the rest of the company were attacked by Orcs.

Now they continue their journey alone down the great River Anduin - alone, that is, save for the mysterious creeping figure that follows wherever they go.

This classic hardback features Tolkien's original unused dust-jacket design, and its text has been fully restored with almost 400 corrections - with the full co-operation of Christopher Tolkien - making it the definitive version, and as close as possible to the version that J.R.R. Tolkien intended. Also included is the original red and black map of the Shire as a foldout sheet.

Sjangere: Fantasy
SKU 9780007203550
Vekt (Kg) : 0.5500
Opprinnelsesland : Storbritannia
Lengde (Cm) : 14.9000
Tykkelse (Cm) : 2.6000
Høyde (Cm) : 22.8000
Forfattere J. R. R. Tolkien
Sjanger Fantasy
Språk Engelsk
Format Hardcover
Serie : Lord of the Rings ( 2)
Avansert Format Hardcover
Aldersgruppe Voksen
Subsjanger: Episk
Produsent / Forlag : HarperCollins Publishers
Antall Sider 368
Illustrasjoner 1 col illus
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Du omtaler:The Two Towers
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