Wrath & Glory Revised Core Rulebook

Wrath & Glory RPG,
Av Chris Handley Dominic McDowall Elaine Lithgow Eleanor Hingley Jonathan Woodhouse Ross Watson TS Luikart Zak Dale-Clutterbuck
71.6 of 5
3.5800 / 5

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  • Format: Hovedbok
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Forlag: Cubicle 7


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Wrath & Glory Revised Core Rulebook
Wrath & Glory Revised Core Rulebook
The sinister schemes of the Chaos Gods have shattered the galaxy. The Great Rift tore through space and reality, pushing mortal life to the precipice of oblivion. The Gilead System has lost contact with the vast Imperium, trapped in the silent darkness. As the shadows of extinction loom, hope fades but is not yet entirely extinguished. Rallied by the Rogue Trader Jakel Varonius, a disparate group are dedicated to doing what must be done to keep the Gilead System from being consumed by the darkness. Can they resist the machinations of Chaos as well as the plots of those who see the rift as an opportunity to further their own power? Time is running out in the 41st Millennium. This accursed age needs heroes more than ever before. Will you answer the call? The Wrath & Glory Rulebook is everything you need to roleplay grim and glorious adventures in the Gilead System.
SKU 9781913569006
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Serie Wrath & Glory RPG
Forfattere Chris Handley, Dominic McDowall, Elaine Lithgow, Eleanor Hingley, Jonathan Woodhouse, Ross Watson, TS Luikart, Zak Dale-Clutterbuck
Språk Engelsk
Format Hovedbok
Serie : Wrath & Glory RPG
Produsent / Forlag : Cubicle 7
Antall Sider 383
Besøk Goodreads for flere omtaler