Warscroll Cards: Idoneth Deepkin

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar,

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  • Format: Verktøy og Tilbehør
  • Forlag: Games Workshop


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Warscroll Cards: Idoneth Deepkin
Warscroll Cards: Idoneth Deepkin
From out of blackness they come, emerging from the depths of the realms’ seas upon a surging tide of magic. These merciless raiders do not seek merely to slaughter or enslave, however, for they are the Idoneth Deepkin – they have come to take their victims’ very souls. They bring with them the magic of their kingdoms, an ethersea of roiling currents and crushing pressures. In their passing, the Idoneth leave ruin, death and sleepers that will never awaken – victims whose souls have been stolen. Retreating beneath the waves, the Idoneth return to the utter isolation of the depths. This pack of 14 large-format cards contains each of the unit Warscrolls from Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin, printed on individual cards for handy reference in your battles, along with 2 sheets of gaming tokens covering spells and artefacts specific to this faction, along with the Tides of Death Battle Traits and the Enclave-specific Command Traits. Please note, you’ll need a copy of Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin to use the contents of this set.
SKU 5011921098989
Opprinnelsesland : Storbritannia
Serie Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
Format Verktøy og Tilbehør
Avansert Format Tilbehør
Serie : Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Fraksjon Idoneth Deepkin, Order
Produsent / Forlag : Games Workshop
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