Transformers Lost Light, Vol. 4

by James Roberts
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  • Varenr: 9781684054107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9781684054107
"Originally published as The Transformers: Lost Light issues #19-25"--Page facing title page.


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Transformers Lost Light, Vol. 4
Transformers Lost Light, Vol. 4 Transformers Lost Light, Vol. 4
Years ago, the crew of the Lost Light fought a demonic Cybertronian mutant that fed on its victims' souls. Now, Rodimus and Co. are about to discover that the only thing worse than a sparkeater... is an army of sparkeaters! Plus, something is coming. It cannot be stalled. It cannot be avoided. It cannot be reasoned with. As the end of everything draws near, a simple instruction rings out across the universe: prepare, confront, repel. Collects issues #19-25.
Sjangere: Science-Fiction
Forfattere James Roberts
Sjanger Science-Fiction
ISBN 9781684054107
Språk Engelsk
Format Paperback
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