The Horn of Gondor Replica 46 cm

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  • Format: Replika
  • Forlag: United Cutlery


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The Horn of Gondor Replica 46 cm
The Horn of Gondor Replica 46 cm
The Horn of Gondor was an heirloom of the Stewards of Gondor, fashioned by Vorondil from a horn of the Kine of Araw, and passed to his descendants until its destruction at the death of Boromir. Tipped with silver and inscribed with ancient characters, it was said to be audible at any place in Gondor when winded. The wall mount and horn are made of resin, there is a leather strap included to hang the horn from the wall mount. The horn has holes at both ends so should be functional (like a trumpet, not just to blow into it). The horn is 45,72 long cm from end to end and the wall plaque is 19 cm high.
SKU 760729284746
Format Replika
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Produsent / Forlag : United Cutlery
Serie : Lord of the Rings
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