Spider-Man Heat Change Mug 400ml

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  • Format: Krus
  • Forlag: Half Moon Bay


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Spider-Man Heat Change Mug 400ml
Spider-Man Heat Change Mug 400ml
This Marvel heat changing mug is sure to give a super start to your morning. Cold, the mug shows two different the Amazing Spider-Man designs with his logo . When hot liquid is poured in, the mug transforms to reveal a spider web, lots of small spiders and Spider-Man's web shooting out. Once the drink is finished the mug returns to its original state as it cools. An essential for any Marvel or superhero display. Dimensions: 400ml - 12.5 (w) x 10 (h) x 9.5 (d) cm Packaging: Gift box
SKU 5055453450013
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Format Krus
Serie : Spider-Man, Amazing
Produsent / Forlag : Half Moon Bay
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