Sector Imperialis Manufactorum

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Sector Imperialis Manufactorum
Manufactorums are factories responsible for producing everything from bolter rounds to Baneblades, and can be found on battlefields across the Imperium. This highly modular kit lets you build and customise your very own manufactorum. Designed to be completely compatible with the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus kits, you’ll be able to use it to construct any kind of building you imagine, or combine it with other sets for even more ambitious projects. This set features a brand-new sprue with components that blend the aesthetics of the Sector Mechanicus and the Sector Imperialis, making it perfect for tying your collection together. For gamers, this set adds another layer of tactical depth to your tabletop. You’ll be able to use it as cover for even larger models, or scale it with infantry for a height advantage on your foe
Format Boks
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