Pushwagners Soft City

Av Pushwagner
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Språk: Norsk Bokmål
  • Forlag: No Comprendo Press


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Pushwagners Soft City
Pushwagners Soft City
A graphic novel with perhaps the oddest backstory ever, Pushwagners Soft City was created in the 1970s by Norwegian artist Terje Brofoss (nom d’art: Pushwagner), only to be lost in a suitcase on a trip to London. Though it was found in 2002, Brofoss didn’t learn of the discovery until some segments were published.

Soft City is both a creation of its time and timeless: the almost hallucinatory story of a society tight in the grip of an omnipresent corporation, one that employs them, feeds them, informs them, entertains them–but which may or may not be what it seems. It conveys the political sentiments of its time in a simple, pure line offering only meager spots of color.

This pictorial novel describes the standardized daily life in an Orwellian, dystopian city. With compassion, feeling for the absurd and a sometimes satirical view, Pushwagner perceives the life of a family in a top-down organized city.
SKU 9788291187785
Opprinnelsesland : Norge
Forfattere Pushwagner
Språk Norsk Bokmål
Format Paperback
Avansert Format Paperback
Serie : Pushwagners Soft City
Produsent / Forlag : No Comprendo Press
Antall Sider 160
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