Mystery Booster Display

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  • Format: Booster Display
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Forlag: Wizards of the Coastss


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Mystery Booster Display
Mystery Booster Display Mystery Booster Display 2 Mystery Booster Display 3

urprise yourself or someone else with a Booster Box with 24 Mystery Boosters.

Unravel the mystery of the Mystery booster. A Mystery booster can contain cards from more than 40 previous Magic: the Gathering sets, with the oldest set being Mirage, a set from 1996. The list of possible cards that you can get from a Mystery booster is huge with no less than 1815 unique cards! The Mystery booster is therefore the perfect product for chaos booster draft or chaos sealed deck!

Every card in the Mystery booster has the original layout, art and set symbol. In addition, the cards equipped with a planeswalker stamp on the bottom left corner so that you can recognize the cards from Mystery boosters. The foil cards are on a separate composite list of reprints and are always different from the non-foils.

Every Mystery booster is guaranteed to contain two rares or mythic rares!

A Booster Box with 24 Mystery boosters. Each Mystery booster contains 15 Magic: the Gathering cards which:

- Two white commons or uncommons
- Two blue commons or uncommons
- Two black commons or uncommons
- Two red commons or uncommons
- Two green commons or uncommons
- One multicolor common or uncommon
- One artifact or land common or uncommon
- One rare or mythic rare from before Magic 2015
- One rare or mythic rare
- One foil card

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Opprinnelsesland : Belgia
Språk Engelsk
Format Booster Display
Avansert Format Komponent Display
Serie : Magic the Gathering
Produsent / Forlag : Wizards of the Coastss
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