Mercy Statue 35 cm

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  • Format: Figur
  • Forlag: Blizzard


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Mercy Statue 35 cm
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"Heroes never die." A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace. Though she spends most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Mercy can be counted on to don her Valkyrie swift-response suit whenever innocents are imperiled. Celebrate this valiant support hero with her official statue! From the videogame "Overwatch" comes this hand painted resin statue. It stands approx. 35 cm tall and comes in a printed box.
SKU 5030917236082
Format Figur
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Produsent / Forlag : Blizzard
Serie : Overwatch
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