Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S)

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  • Format: Jakke
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Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S)
Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S) Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S) 2 Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S) 3 Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat (S) 4
For The Perfect Malcolm Reynolds Cosplay

We hear youve been bird-doggin this website a while now. Frankly, we wouldnt mind a customer of you. Now, you can try and find this nice leather coat from someplace else, but we swear by our pretty floral bonnets that anything else you wear wont hold a candle to our officially licensed Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat. A Firefly cosplay masterpiece!

Imagine slippin on this fine piece of sartorial craftsmanship for your next cosplay. Can you feel the weight of it on your shoulders? Can you see the admiring glances from passersby, tippin their hats as you stride down the street, sunlight glinting on your handcrafted brass buckles?

We can, and we can hear the Firefly references runnin through your brain right now. You know why? Because you cant stop the signal. You also wont be able to stop running your hands over the smooth leather finish on the inside of this coat, makin it easy for you to slip it on or off at a moments notice. (Never know when youre gonna get in a dustup on Unification Day, right?)

And if you do happen to get a bit dusty, no worries, friend: The suede outer finish should keep you safe from harm--as will the gun flaps on the sides that make reaching for your six-iron even easier. Frankly, no power in the verse can stop a man nor woman that wears the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat--short of a psychic waif what can kill you with her brain, of course.

Remember: the only way youd look finer is if you were the King of all Londinium, (because then youd get to wear a shiny hat).
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Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Format Jakke
Serie : Firefly
Produsent / Forlag : Abbyshot
Klesstørrelse Small
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