Gurps Low-Tech

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  • Format: Regelbok
  • Language: Engelsk
  • Slippdato: 8. des. 2010
  • Forlag: Steve Jackson Games


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Gurps Low-Tech
Gurps Low-Tech
GURPS Low-Tech covers the basic tools used by historical adventurers from the Stone Age to the Age of Sail; and still used by modern survivalists and psot-apocalypse survivors when the high-tech toys fail. Weapons and armor from antlers and rawhide to warhammers and heavy mail; adventure and travel gear from simple stone kives to early submarines; everyday items and tools of every trade. Low Tech starts with the basics that suit any setting... and adds lots of culturally specialized inventions to support your campaign's particular flavor. For game masters, the discussions of past technologies - based on up-to-date historical and archaeological research- will be valuable no matter what system is used. For GURPS players, this book also covers the skills and traits that let adventureres make the best use of their equipment. Whether the heroes are cavemen taking their first steps toward civilization, pirates on the Seven Seas, or anything in between, GURPS Low-Tech has the technology they need!
SKU 9781556348020
Vekt (Kg) : 0.7710
Opprinnelsesland : USA
Lengde (Cm) : 21.1000
Tykkelse (Cm) : 1.5000
Høyde (Cm) : 27.7000
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Språk Engelsk
Format Regelbok
Aldersgruppe Voksen
Serie : GURPS Fourth Edition
Produsent / Forlag : Steve Jackson Games
Antall Sider 160
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