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  • Format: Grunnsett
  • Sjangere: Humor
  • Spilletid: 60 minutter
  • Slippdato: 1. jan. 2002
  • Forlag: Gorilla Games


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Lifeboat 3rd Edition
Lifeboat 3rd Edition
from original publishers' Web site Adrift in uncharted waters, six people share a tiny lifeboat. As the supplies run low, they discover that some barrels are filled with jewels and art treasures instead of water or hardtack. Greed mixes with love and hatred as the passengers take sides... Lifeboat is a fast-paced card game of intrigue and survival. Players vie for the highest score when the boat reaches land — a seemingly simple matter of surviving with the most treasure. But each player has a secret love and a secret enemy among the passengers, and no one knows when landfall will occur. Will you help row, and thus have a hand in guiding the boat's course? Try to shove your way into the quartermaster's seat? Start a fight to grab some loot? Or just bide your time until you can nudge your enemy overboard into shark-infested waters?
Sjangere: Humor
SKU 728028011968
Opprinnelsesland : USA
Forfattere Jeff Siadek
Sjanger Humor
Format Grunnsett
Brettspill Type Tematiske spill
Minimum Spilltid 60 minutter
Anbefalt Alder 13
Spilltid 60 minutter
Antall Spillere 4 - 6
Antall Spillere 4, 5, 6+
Serie : Lifeboat
Anbefalt Antall Spillere 5 - 6
Produsent / Forlag : Gorilla Games
Mekanikk Bløffing, Bytting og Handel, Kort-drafting, Samlespill
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