Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48

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  • Format: Byggesett
  • Forlag: Bandai


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Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48
Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48 Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48 2 Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48 3 Gundam Mega Size Model Kit 1/48 4
It's here...and it's huge! The announcement of a 1/48 scale Gundam sent ripples through the modeling community and now, verily, it has come to pass. Of course, the size alone of this kit is impressive. Once assembled it will stand 37.5cm (almost 15 inches) tall, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of this monstrous kit is that you don't need any tools! That's right! The pieces attach to the runner by a very thin length of plastic so you can break the pieces off with your hands! If some parts prove difficult for you, Bandai has even included a 'Double Separator' tool! To make things even easier, Bandai has made it so that you can snap two runners together and then remove the individual pieces. This must be the 'double' in the 'Double Separator". What a time saver! There are even icons on the runners to indicate which part of the kit the pieces are for. Of course, the 1/48 Gundam comes with two 1/48 beam sabers and his large (even larger now) beam rifle, and shield. Don't be intimidated by its size, this kit is a snap!
SKU 4573102588906
Serie : Gundam
Opprinnelsesland : Japan
Format Byggesett
Produsent / Forlag : Bandai