Forbidden Lands RPG Box Set

Forbidden Lands RPG,
Av Tomas Härenstam

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  • Format: Regelbok
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Forlag: Free League Publishing


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Forbidden Lands RPG Box Set
Forbidden Lands RPG Box Set
Round the beggar from Varassa all sat in a ring,

and by the campfire they sat and heard his song.

And about walkers and wolfkin and every terrible thing,

and of his fear he sang to them all night long:

“There is something beyond the mountains, beyond the howls beyond the mist, there is something behind the veils, behind hearts cold as stone.

Hearken, something walks and whispers, walks and lures you in and whimpers:

Come to us, for this earth shall ever be ours and ours alone!”

Forbidden Lands is a new take on classic fantasy roleplaying. In this open-world survival roleplaying game, you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others - instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and, if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend. Contents:

Player’s Manual including rules for fast character generation, visceral combat, lethal magic, dangerous journeys and for building your own stronghold - easily be ported to your own favorite game world.
Gamemaster’s Guide including a rich and detailed description of the Forbidden Lands setting, a large illustrated Bestiary, extensive random encounters, and three complete adventure sites.
The Legends & Adventurers booklet, letting you flesh out your characters and give them unique backgrounds.
Full-color map, giving you the freedom to explore the Forbidden Lands any way you want, hex by hex
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Opprinnelsesland : Storbritannia
Serie Forbidden Lands RPG
Forfattere Tomas Härenstam
Språk Engelsk
Format Regelbok
Serie : Forbidden Lands RPG
Produsent / Forlag : Free League Publishing
Antall Sider 472
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