Cartel & Orbitals Source Book

Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition,
Av Alex Drummond Alex Innocenti Bill Heron Chris Lites Dominik Kasprzycki Jared Blando Laura Hutchinson Marc Langworthy Matthew Comben Paul Bonner Peter Bergting Richard Hanushek Robert Grayston T.R. Knight Thomas Shook Tobias Tranell Wilmar Ballespi Witold Trzcionka
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  • Format: Regelbok
  • Forlag: Modiphius Entertainment


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Cartel & Orbitals Source Book
Cartel & Orbitals Source Book
It is a solar system riven by discord, where man fights man despite the looming darkness and the threat of the Dark Symmetry and its instruments the Dark Apostles and the Dark Legion. Corporations zealously usurp each other and leave humanity an easy target for the forces of darkness and corruption. But there is still hope as one group stands up and waves the flag of unity among men. It is the last bastion capable of uniting the forces of mankind in full. These powerful men and women call themselves The Cartel. History: Immerse yourself in the history and origins of The Cartel. Discover the past that sets the foundation for success against an impossible present. Structure: Learn how this well-oiled machine that oversees corporations and the solar system is put together. See how this behemoth of juxtaposed voices delivers on the promise of a better future. Freelancers: The freelancers walk the edge of the law, but without them the society of Mutant Chronicles would not work. Learn some of the secrets to the success of the Freelancing Independent Corporations’ Committee within The Cartel. Underbelly: Even The Cartel has its seamy underside. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Behind the red tape, beneath the democratic votes and good intentions, something nefarious moves about. The Cartel and Freelancers Source Book is a lavish 96 page PDF written by our renowned writing team of Chris Lites, Robert Grayston Marc Langworthy and edited by Laura Hutchison. It also features some spectacular art from Witold Trzcionka, Alex Innocenti, Dominik Kasprzycki, Peter Bergting, Alex Innocenti, Richard Hanushek, Alex Drummon and Wilmar Ballespi. The Mutant Chronicles is a full throttle diesel punk sci-fi ride through a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of a terrible dark alien force. With technology failing due to the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry, humankind must fight back against the Dark Legion hordes whilst dealing with in-fighting and conspiracy from within and inter corporation rivalry.
SKU 9781910132524
Opprinnelsesland : USA
Serie Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition
Forfattere Alex Drummond, Alex Innocenti, Bill Heron, Chris Lites, Dominik Kasprzycki, Jared Blando, Laura Hutchinson, Marc Langworthy, Matthew Comben, Paul Bonner, Peter Bergting, Richard Hanushek, Robert Grayston, T.R. Knight, Thomas Shook, Tobias Tranell, Wilmar Ballespi, Witold Trzcionka
Format Regelbok
Serie : Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG
Produsent / Forlag : Modiphius Entertainment
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