Brighid & Caul

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  • Format: Blister
  • Forlag: Privateer Press


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Brighid & Caul
Brighid & Caul
The Tharn twins Brighid and Caul have built their reputation upon a pile of corpses beyond counting. Born to the first generation of Tharn after the Curse of the Ten Ills was lifted and saved their race from extinction, these twins have come to embody a new hope. A skilled hunter, Brighid has mastered the use of the heavy Tharn bow; when hunting larger game, she uses the bow to cripple and maim an enemy before allowing her brutish brother Caul to finish the prey with his heavy axe. They balance the skills of a hunter with the brutality and savagery of the greatest predatory beasts. The Tharn twins Brighid & Caul are a versatile combat unit to add to your Circle of Orboros collection. Brighid fights with a longbow and a hunting knife, tracking prey from great distances, while her brother focuses on protecting her and destroying any targets that escape her bow with his powerful Tharn axe.
SKU 875582023118
Opprinnelsesland : USA
Format Blister
Serie : Warmachine/Hordes
Fraksjon Circle Orboros
Produsent / Forlag : Privateer Press
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