Black Panther Stein

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  • Format: Krus
  • Forlag: Half Moon Bay


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Black Panther Stein
Black Panther Stein
This Marvel embossed stein style mug is perfect for a nice cold drink after a hard day of saving the world. It features Black Panther's logo on an embossed silver plaque in the centre, with silver banding around the top and bottom of the mug. The body of the mug features intricate debossed detailing in the tribal warrior style of Black Panther's North East African home, Wakanda. A collectable piece and an essential for any Marvel or superhero display. Dimensions: 800ml - 12.5 (w) x 19 (h) x 12 (d) cm Packaging: Gift box
SKU 5055453455940
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Format Krus
Serie : Black Panther
Produsent / Forlag : Half Moon Bay
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