Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue

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  • Format: Figur
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Sjangere: Superhelt
  • Slippdato: 25. mar. 2020
  • Forlag: Kotobukiya


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Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue
Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue 2 Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue 3 Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue 4 Marvel Black Panther Artfx Premier Statue 5
The 8th entry in Kotobukiya's up-and-coming ARTFX Premier Series is Black Panther! The high quality statues of the ARTFX Premier series are meticulously designed to make your collection shine. Created using digital sculpting technology, the ARTFX Premier series pursues detail in order to challenge the limits of realism in 1/10 scale. The craftsmanship in this piece continues from the sculpting to the painting. Unlike other pieces which follow the pattern of a simple base coat with shading. ARTFX Premier re-evaluates the standards for figure painting. Each individual piece of the statue is layered with several types of paint, giving the finished product an unprecedented sense of beauty and depth. T'Challa's muscular form and Vibranium suit are recreated in elaborate detail befitting of the king of the mysterious and highly advanced country of Wakanda. Black Panther's suit is simple yet highly detailed, showcasing multiple textures that highlight the character's strong yet flexible form recreated faithfully from the comics. For an added layer of detail, the suit is covered with layers of black, blue, and purple paint, giving the surface a unique color that varies depending on how it catches the light. This sleek yet complex 1/10 statue looks excellent alongside the rest of the ARTFX Premier line, and is the perfect piece to complete the lineup of Fresh Start Avengers. The statue comes in sophisticated packaging overflowing with elegant details, including a marble inspired motif as well as an original illustration based on the figure. Additionally, these limited edition statues will come with a certificate with the collector number printed in gold, certifying each piece as a one-of-a-kind original.
Sjangere: Superhelt
SKU 4934054010547
Opprinnelsesland : Kina
Sjanger Superhelt
Språk Engelsk
Format Figur
Serie : Black Panther
Produsent / Forlag : Kotobukiya
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