Attack On Titan: Before The Fall 15

Attack on Titan
by Ryo Suzukaze Satoshi Shiki
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9781632366573


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Attack On Titan: Before The Fall 15
Humanity has learned to live in complacency behind its high walls, protected from the giant Titans. But when a Titan-worshipping cult opens one of the gates, a Titan wreaks havoc, consuming the cultists. After the rampage is over, two young Survey Corps members are shocked to discover a pregnant woman's partially digested corpse - with her baby still alive inside it! What will the fate of this 'child of the Titans' be? And how will humanity learn to cope with the Titan threat?
Sjangere: Dystopi Horror og Grøss Science-Fiction
Bok serie Attack on Titan
Forfattere Ryo Suzukaze, Satoshi Shiki
Sjanger Dystopi, Horror og Grøss, Science-Fiction
ISBN 9781632366573
Språk Engelsk
Format Paperback
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