Atlas Compendium

Coriolis RPG,
Av Adam Palmquist Kosta Kostulas Martin Dunelind Nils Karlén
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3.9000 / 5

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  • Format: Regelbok
  • Forlag: Fria Ligan


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Atlas Compendium
Atlas Compendium
The bridge was silent except for the whirr of the ship's air filters. Nima, the sensor operator, looked up from her screen. “No signs of intelligent life, no com traffic, no artificial light,” she said quietly. “Atmo?” captain Nastasia asked, loud enough for everyone on the bridge to hear. “Dense, probably corrosive...” Nima was cut off when a shadow fell over the bridge. The sun was eclipsed by an enormous entity speeding silently towards the ship. Collision alarms shrieked on the bridge. The crew of the Akhander watched the gigantic wreck descending towards them, a dark body of unrelenting force crowned in starlight. The Icons’ promised land, the vast cluster of star systems called the Third Horizon, is full of unsolved mysteries, ancient ruins, and deadly secrets. The mighty wonders left behind by the Portal Builders and the true nature of the mysterious Emissaries have only been myth to the common people of the Third Horizon – until now.
SKU 9781910132739
Opprinnelsesland : USA
Serie Coriolis RPG
Forfattere Adam Palmquist, Kosta Kostulas, Martin Dunelind, Nils Karlén
Format Regelbok
Serie : Coriolis RPG
Produsent / Forlag : Fria Ligan
Antall Sider 60
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